MELA Festival of Learning

13 05 2011

FOL 2011 Flyer

The Festival is a unique collaboration of various educational networks, organisations and individuals who have come together in this most challenging of times to share best practice, to celebrate achievements, and to plot a way forwards through our changing educational landscape.

Common to all of those contributing to the festival is the central role of ‘learning’ with values and approaches that transcend the different agendas and outlive particular initiatives or funding streams. As our education system is being transformed and we in turn are having to transform the way we work and seek support, where can we find inspiration and how can we apply this to learning that effects change?

This Festival will provide a wealth of different perspectives on this important debate. You will have a chance to join in the discussion, to find local, regional and national support, and to network with others from all sectors of education. The 2011 Festival of Learning is a project of Lifeworlds Learning and is supported by and/or includes contributions from the following partners:

Cooperative Learning and Development Associates

Development Education Centre (South Yorkshire)

East MidlandsNetwork for Global Perspectives in Schools (EMNGPS)

Food for Life Partnership

Global Learning for Community Cohesion

Leicester Masaya Link Group and GELS

Link Community Development

MidlandsEducators Learning Association (MELA)



Schools Linking Network (SLN)

SevernTrent Water

Sustainability and Environmental Education (SEEd)

Sustainable SchoolsEast Midlands


Village Aid (Growing Global Project)

See the attached PDF above for a summary flyer to share with your colleagues or visit for full details and bookings.




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