Ofsted endorsement of Forest School activities

6 07 2012

Temple Normanton School  have been running Forest Schools for almost 2 years now.  Having accessed a training course coordinated by DCC, delivered  by Warwickshire Wildlife Trust  and held at Shipley Country Park, staff and children have worked with Groundwork to develop a small woodland site close by to school which is now Temple Normanton’s Forest School base complete with seating, fire pit and other features to promote and inspire learning such  as a mini beast hotel.

 Their Forest School provision was specifically mentioned in their recent ofsted report and was judged as being good overall for the school and complemented their outdoor learning in particular.  

Ofsted Report for – Temple Normanton Primary School Inspection dates 6–7 December 2011

The school provides a rich and varied curriculum and includes a good range of practical activities. A woodland area has been developed in the school grounds and pupils were observed exploring the area before settling down to make toast very responsibly on an open fire and to drink hot chocolate with their teacher. The pupils demonstrated a high level of enjoyment and made good progress in their learning. A number of other learning activities take place outdoors, as part of the school’s revised curriculum. Topic themes are planned imaginatively and are relevant to the pupils’ needs and interests. Topics maintain a sharp focus on the development of pupils’ skills in all subjects as they move through the school. A range of trips and visitors to the school support the curriculum well and a varied range of extra-curricular activities are actively pursued.

The full report can be found at:  http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/inspection-reports/find-inspection-report/provider/ELS/112638




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