FEN – Future Development Survey

2 10 2012

Set up in April this year, the FEN is the successor body to the Forest Education Initiative (FEI) in England and is hosted by the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom (CLOtC). The FEN aims to:

■ Promote the wide range of learning opportunities in relation to trees, woods and forests and advocate the value of these educational experiences.

■ Support delivery on the ground, act as forum for exchange, share good practice, improve communication and help raise standards of practice.

■ Work in collaboration with members of FEN, inputting their ideas and expertise into the development of the network, and provide a collective voice to influence policy and practice.


We hope you can take just a few minutes to complete a survey on the future development of the FEN (10 questions in total) using the link given below. We very much welcome your contribution in helping to guide our development and delivery over the next few years.

Future Development Survey Please note: the survey closes on the 26th October 2012

If you do want to know a bit more about the FEN, please get in touch with me at: fen@lotc.org.uk. You may also find the information in the first e-bulletin useful: Read the first issue of the FEN e-bulletin.

Thank you for your contribution

Yours sincerely


Fiona Groves

Forest Education Network Coordinator

Council for Learning Outside the Classroom
M: 07967777502 E: fen@lotc.org.uk
W: www.lotc.org.uk and www.lotcqualitybadge.org.uk




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