GreenWatch Action Grants

22 10 2012


Are you thinking of starting a project to benefit your local environment? 

We provide Greenwatch Action Grants up to £500 for groups within Derbyshire. It is simple to apply. Once your application is approved, grants should be paid within 28 days.


Each scheme is assessed with regard to its potential benefit in terms of:

  • sustainability or long term environmental gain
  • the protection and enhancement of Derbsyhire’s biodiversity, built heritage, landscape character or local distinctiveness
  • the conservation of finite resources
  • the reduction of waste, energy consumption or transport impacts
  • community involvement and benefit
  • baseline environmental data and research.

Who can apply?

We welcome applications from non-profit making groups based in Derbyshire.

These include community, youth, cultural heritage and natural history groups, schools and colleges, voluntary organisations and parish councils.

Unfortunately we cannot accept applications from any profit making organisations or from groups located in the city of Derby.

What projects are eligible?

You will need to demonstrate that your project will help to improve your local environment, increase its wildlife value or provide environmental education.

For example your group, school or college might be planning:

  • a wildlife habitat, community garden or organic vegetable plot
  • a local recycling or energy conservation scheme
  • research on a local environmental issue
  • collection of new environmental data and information
  • raising the awareness of sustainability within your area
  • a walking guide of your area
  • a walk to school club
  • working with the local community on Eco School, Sustainable School or Forest School schemes.

Many other environmental projects may be eligible for grants. Greenwatch Action Grants, however, cannot be given towards labour/staffing costs, maintenance/repair works, scholarships or loans, attendance at conferences or seminars, to profit making commercial enterprises or for material which may affect the support of any particular political party.

If you are unsure about whether yours would qualify, please contact Ian Goldstraw on 01629 539809.

How to apply

Download the application form and fill in the details about your proposed project, how it will be managed and the benefits it will bring to your local environment and community.

Send the form with any supplementary information (photographs, letters of support etc) to:

Paulette Walters 
Greenwatch Action Grants 
Environmental Services Department
Derbyshire County Council 
Shand House 
Dale Road South 

Related documents

The following document is in Word format. You can download the Word software for free from the Word viewer page (opens in a new window) of the Microsoft website.




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