Funding to create a school orchard – Apply NOW

23 01 2014

Orchard Windfalls

The Tree Council has funds available to assist schools and community groups proposing to undertake well-planned orchard planting projects during National Tree Week, 29 November to 7 December 2014.

Schools and community groups are eligible for funding, but must meet to the following criteria:

  • Children under the age of 16 must be actively involved in the planting process.
  • Planting must take place on publicly accessible land, usually in public or charity ownership.
  • The School or Community Group must be able to raise 25% of planting costs.
  • Apple and pear trees on selected root stocks are the only trees eligible for funding.
  • Planting must take place during National Tree Week.

The fund is open to projects where the total tree planting costs are between £100 and £700.

Eligible costs include the cost of the trees and any reasonable cost of necessary supports and aids: stakes, ties, guards, fertiliser, mulch and soil amelioration (where conditions make this appropriate). The project costs should total at least £100 in order for the application to be eligible for consideration.

The deadline for applications is 31 March 2014.




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