Derbyshire Dales

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Next Meeting : Carsington Water Autumn/Winter 2016 TBC

Parkside Junior School, Wednesday 4th May 2016 4-6pm hoted by Rachel Dixon

Attendees: Derby High School, Tissington Pre School

Rachel shared some of her ideas for making the best use of a small space with few trees with colourful God’s Eyes (you can use sticks, make them as big or small as you like and it doesn’t really matter how you initially tie the wool on if you don’t need a super neat finish), logs with a reminder of some very simple rules and shelters made from donated Christmas trees.

We were so busy chatting we didn’t get around to discussing games which we had planned to look at maybe next time …

Big thanks to Parkside and Rachel (yummy banana bread!)



5 responses

6 01 2014
Fay Ingleby

Hello wondering if there is anyone else living in this area who would like to start up a cluster group? waiting in anticipation……

30 04 2014
Hemendra headworth

I will be interest in joining a cluster group

30 04 2014
Hemendra headworth

I don’t quite live within the Dales – but always visiting Matlock and Crich and I have no local cluster group to me far as I am aware:

28 08 2014

Hi Fay, just come across your post. Where are you and are you still looking to set up a cluster group? I have an almost 3 year old who would love to do more outside.

10 09 2014

Hi Hemendra and Soraya I am based in Ashbourne, with a 2 1/2 yr old boy where are you both based?

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