Example Risk Assessments

It is important that you create your own risk assessment documents, ensure they are read by all adult helpers and reviewed regularly. 

The documents below are for use as EXAMPLES ONLY.

  • Traditional Risk Assessments

Activities Risk Assessment EXAMPLE ONLY

Site and Group Risk Assessment EXAMPLE ONLY

  • Risk Benefit Assessments

Read more about the Risk Benefit Tool below in Tim Gill’s blog post ‘Want to take a more balanced approach to risk? Here’s the tool you have been waiting for’

PSF Risk Benefit Assessment Form Worked Example

  • Dynamic Risk Assessment

You may find activities develop beyond your planning during Forest School sessions in which case you may choose to use a dynamic risk assessment approach. The document below has been adapted specifically for Forest School use originally by Dan Rees-Jones Playwork Partnerships 2008 , and later adapted by Lily Horseman of Kindling Play and Training and BEYCP Play Team

Dynamic Risk Assessment 2014






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21 04 2017
Top Tips for Play-Based Learning in Nature – Elizabeth Cowan

[…] conditions; group issues and activities; etc. You can find several sample risk assessment templates here. For a more general discussion of embracing risk, check out this blog post from a Forest School in […]

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