FS Related Research, Reports and Supporting Evidence

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  • Woodland Health For Youth (WHY), An evaluation of the physical health benefits derived from outdoor learning in natural environments  (LINE)
  • Connecting With Nature, The RSPB is finding out how connected to nature the UK’s children are. The report includes a questionairre which could be used at the start and end of a Forest School programme
  • Natural Thinking, A Report published in 2011 by Dr William Bird, for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds,Investigating the links between the Natural Environment, Biodiversity and Mental Health

  • How Active are our Children? Findings from the the Millennium Cohort Study A major study into children’s exercise published in medical journal BMJ Open Researchers from University College London strapped accelerometers (basically a souped-up pedometer) to six and a half thousand children aged 7 to 8, measuring their activity over a week. – Whilst 51% of the children were getting the hour of exercise per day recommended by the government, 49% weren’t.  – Exactly half of the kids in the study were sedentary for at least 6.4 hours a day.- Greenspace is explicitly mentioned in the report as a factor in improving children’s activity levels.

  • Learning in the Natural Environment: Review of social and economic benefits and barriers The Natural Environment White Paper The Natural Choice: securing the value of nature (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 2011) sets out the need to strengthen the connection between people and nature, and gives an explicit call for every child in England to be given the opportunity to experience and learn about the natural environment.  To identify and develop solutions most likely to be effective in increasing supply and demand for learning in natural environments, Natural England established a formal partnership with the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom and set up the Natural Connections Management Group. The group includes the Natural Environment, Green Space, Community and Volunteering, Heritage and Science sectors. Together they brought a breadth of perspectives to help resolve the challenge in new ways and made a significant contribution to the evidence reviews contained in this Report.
  • Natural Childhood Report In his Natural Childhood report supported by the National Trust, naturalist, author and TV producer Stephen Moss charts years of academic research and a steady stream of surveys on the subject, highlighting how a generation of children is finally losing touch with the natural world National-Trust-natural_childhood
  • Forest Research – Children and Young Peoples’s Engagement with Nature latest research page
  • Forest School Scotland evaluation report This report, compiled on behalf of FCS, looks at how Forest School can help deliver the Scottish Government’s educational priorities, the current curriculum and the 3-18 Curriculum for Excellence, as well as other government initiatives.


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