Derbyshire Forest School Day 2016 Notes and Resources

Thanks again to everyone who attended and contributed to another fantastic day. If you need a recap or were unable to attend please take a look at the notes and resources below.

  • Before the day attendees were asked to contribute a song or p018oem they use or could be used as part of a Forest School programme and we began the day by sharing some of our faveourites in the sunshine : ) You can view a copy of the song sheet here Song Sheet
  • Sylva Foundation – Thank you to Jen Hurst for a really useful presentation031 (view here Sylva presentation MF4EDUC Derbyshire 22JUNE16 )  on MyForest which is an easy to use online woodland management tool designed with Forest School Practitioners and small woodland owners in mind.  Jen explained how she had used the tool with her own Forest School group. Sylva has also recently launched TIMBER! a new website providing free, cross curricular, and creative resources, activities, and practical ideas on British trees and forests and their value.
  • Muddy Puddles  gave a thought provoking talk on ‘5 Ways Outdoor Learning can fulfill Ofsted’s requirements and meet curricula’. Initiating lots of ideas on how Forest School programmes can specifically meet Ofsted criteria.
  • Sarah, Helena and Richard from Derbyshire County Council’s Countryside Service helped a small group cook up a mountain of tasty snacks using ingredients from nature’s larder. Sarah  has supplied a list of the recipes annotated with tips and tweaks (as all the best recipes are!) discussed on the day. FS Day 2016 Recipes
  • Brief notes for making and using your own drop spindle Making a Drop Spindle (My first attempt at this. Fantastic group all helped each other to make and start using a drop spindle and gave me lots of great feedback – brilliant!)
  • Thanks to Derby College Little Explorers for leading
    a session exploring how best to support different learning styles.


  • Huge thanks to Christine Gray of Purple Shed Studio who introduced Scandinavian Friendship Braids. A lovely activity beautifully explained.

The afternoon session was spent chatting about all things Forest School around the fire whilst trying some of the food cooked over the fire using foraged ingredients, making Hapa Zome flags, tipi’s and bunting, whittling musical instruments with Helen from Sheffield Nature Kindergarten, taking part in the (very competitive!) Puddle Splash with Muddy Faces and sharing ideas among the group such as Rob’s handmade fire steels (firesticks available from Springfields in Burton )



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