Derbyshire Forest School Day 2017 Notes and Resources

Thank you to everyone who contributed to another fantastic day. Please find resources collated below

Georgina Greaves, DCC Env. Studies Service set us up for the day with a compact presentation highlighting current research on the benefits of children learning outdoors. The presentation is perfect for passing on to others within your school community and can be found below (includes a link to a resource ‘padlet’ where you can find further information/reading on the topic)

Benefits of Outdoor Learning for Children 2017 Derbyshire Forest School Day

We enjoyed a great selection of workshops including:

Attachment in the Outdoors led by Sarah Hennessey

Skulk of Foxes – Andrew Martyn-Sugars introduced a fantastic fox whittling activity found on Kindling Play and Training’s website here  using an innovative peer teaching method. For Andrew’s session flow plan click on the link ams-session flow .

Value of a Pond – Nicola Bettison/Alfreton Nursery introduced us to some of the nurseries pond friends and shared her wealth of knowledge on using and maintaining a pond within Forest School work. Although not directly FS related there are some ideas on this in a booklet produced by the Ecology Service here

John Muir Award – Helen Fiddler explained how the John Muir Discovery Award can be achieved alongside Forest School programmes and other established learning outside the classroom opportunities. A number of schools will be taking part later this year. Forest School and the John Muir Award

Christine Gray repeated last years popular Scandinavian Friendship Braid workshop using tools and teamwork to create woven bracelets. See last years notes for Christine’s instruction sheet and the resources George used within her Health and Physical Activity workshop.

Thank you to the Peak District National Park Team, Jo Hanney, Kate Hall, Frances Arnot and exchange students Inga and Janis for introducing us to many mud related activities, ideas for reflection and Butterfly wands

As a whole group we came up with some ideas for improving our Forest School bases including bog gardens, uses for nettles and a brilliant fold up table FS base ideas

Derbyshire Forest School Day 2018 will take place on July 4th. It is a great environment to further your own personal development by delivering a short (1 hour) workshop. Four of this years workshops were delivered for either the first or second time by fabulous Forest School Practitioners. Both Andrew and Christine have written about their experience running a workshop. Please email if you would like to find out more.



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