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Sir Ken Robinson shares five reasons you should take your class outside (very short video that sums it up pretty well!)

hidden woods – A Poem by Hollie McNish

Hollies words (and the accompanying video) will call up memories of time spent in the woods and previous Forest School programmes. Have your Forest School group tried creating/performing poems based on their time spent in the woods?

Neroche Forest Schools 

More information about this project can be found here  http://www.nerochescheme.org/forestSchool.php

Introduction to Forest School – with Surrey County Council

Into the Middle of Nowhere 

A forest school for Nursery aged children beautifully observed by filmmaker Anna Frances Ewert

Wild About Forest Schools 

Find out what the kids have been up to at Bristol Zoo over summer 2012  at WildAbout’s summer forest school!

A lovely video, this will inspire you to create your own FS film!

BBC News Wednesday 7th March 2012 

Could lessons in the great outdoors actually improve children’s performance in the classroom as well as giving them that all important dose of fresh air? In forest schools, pupils get the chance to learn skills in a woodland environment. The BBC’s John Maguire reports.

Outdoor Kindergarten – Back to Nature (or Arctic Outdoor Preschool)

The growing demand in Norway for outdoor kindergartens, where all play and learning takes place outside, is examined. We hear from the children, teachers and parents on why they think outdoor kindergartens work. The parents and teachers discuss how they believe children are thriving in an outdoor environment, with the experience making them stronger and tougher, but also more creative, flexible and independent. A fantastic film, also see www.litmusfilms.com

KS1: Outdoor Learning with Forest School

Find out how Forest School leaders work with children to encourage an appreciation of the natural world, building self-esteem and confidence by regularly visiting special woodland sites. In this programme, Year 1 pupils from Charlbury School in Oxfordshire make one of their regular visits to a local wood. They are led by their teacher Gill Senior, who has recently qualified as a Forest School practitioner.

Forest School in Wales – Natural Learning

No longer available online, copies may still be available from the Forestry Commission.  Overview of Forest Schools in Wales can be found by clicking here

Nine Forest Schools from around Wales demonstrate how the Forest School scheme is being used in a range of woodland settings to meet the needs of different learners.

Inner-City Forest

With the help of a park ranger, Highters Heath Primary School in inner city Birmingham, has converted a nearby patch of abandoned woodland into their very own natural setting.


Forest Schools & Outdoor Learning in the Early Years Sara Knight

Forest School For all – Sara Knight

Understanding the Danish Forest School ApproachJane Williams-Siegfredsen

Last Child in the Woods – Richard Louv

Children Learning Outside the Classroom – Sue Waite

Forests: A Very Short Introduction – by Jaboury Ghazoul


Open fires and pointy sticks: The rise of Scandi-style nurseries in the UK Telegraph 16/04/2016 

Forest adventures are the secret of our success, says head of ‘outstanding’ primary school  Manchester Evening News 12/01/2016 “Millbrook Primary in Stalybridge has been named one of the top schools in the country and the head credits its on-site ‘forest school’ with helping to improve exam results.”

Outstanding! Parents make Walbrook Nursery School, Normanton, a success Derby Telegraph 28/06/2014. Parents experience the benefits of Forest School at Walbrook Nursery School, Derby.

Does your child know how to make fire? . . . Or wield an axe and whittle wood? Inspired by the hit TV show ‘The Island’, Anna Maxted sent her boys on a half-term wilderness course. The Telegraph 2nd June 2014

How can teachers introduce forest school principles to their curriculum? Forest schools helps students develop confidence and creativity by teaching practical, outdoor skills – and teachers don’t need a woodland on their doorstep to incorporate the ideas. The Gaurdian, 13th May 2014

The problem with education? Children aren’t feral enough The 10-year-old Londoners I took to Wales were proof that a week in the countryside is worth three months in a classroom. Guardian article published on the 7th October by George Monbiot

No freedom to play or explore outside for children Today’s children spend a fraction of their free time outdoors and are less likely to be able to name trees or birds than their parents or grandparents. Guardian article published on the 12th July 2013 by Patrick Barkham

 The Wherewithal to learn without”  On November 2nd 2012 the TESPRO Magazine article “by Darren Evans featured IOL CEO, Andy Robinson. Andy spoke on the topic of the benefits of outdoor education and it being easier to introduce than a reader might think amid false perceptions of risk.

Outdoor learning: the natural world yields results Taking lessons outside gives students and teachers time to interact, explore and reflect on their learning. Here, Jo Ling shares some success stories of the forest school approach (September 2012)

Forest Schools and the Opportunity for Wild Play Chris Holland writes on why wild play is essential for childrens development and our survival as a species in the Forest Education Network Bulletin: Issue 1 http://www.lotc.org.uk/2012/07/forest-education-network-bulletin-issue-1/

Forest Schools – Back to Earth Published in TES Magazine on 3 July, 2009 | By: Meabh Ritchie

Birmingham Forest Schools If you go down to the woods today, you might just find kids making camp fires, chopping wood, climbing trees and discovering a whole new way of life…

Trees of knowledge – If you go down to the woods, you’re sure of a special lesson. Justina Haesaerts reports on the boons of Forest School. Guardian 2001

Case Studies

Forest Schools and Nature Kindergartens – A large collection of interesting  international case studies, reports, blog posts and resources over at  Creative Star Learning Company


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