10 week/Yr 6/Celebration of achievements and preparation for moving up to KS3

Forest School Programme Developed by Maria Desborough (Groundwork Derby & Derbyshire) on behalf of South Derbyshire District Council Environmental Education Project


This 10 week programme is for Yr6 pupils, and has been designed as a way for the group to celebrate their school achievements and boost their confidence before entering KS3.




Issues/ skills




Introduce staff and expectations, programme outline, site.


Ground rules, boundaries,


games, exploration, using all the senses, identifications e.g. trees, leaves, flowers, fungi, each other, looking at shapes, patterns, repetition,


Creative expression: making ‘natural art’ and name badges.


Exploring in teams and individually. Working together on task.

Emphasis for this week being on exploration and familiarisation of the site.  Working in small groups working on social interaction and cooperation.



Re-visit ground rules etc., game, looking at animal habitats,



Learning a simple knot, building dens in small groups; furnish, decorate etc..





Respect for animals, habitats and each other.


Team work, communication, investigating the environment, trust, delegation of tasks, time assessment.


Re-visit previous week.


Survival – what threatens/ what helps;


Debates – relate to home environment?

How do you feel about this; what are your support networks?


Team games/ team challenges/ games

Active citizenship


Children explore and discuss real issues talking in pairs or as a whole class. Take part in decision-making, contributing ideas and opinions.  Listen to the opinions of others.


Continuation activity?

Debate/ discuss right and wrong, rules.  Working together, resolving problems




Re-visit previous weeks



Introduce small tools to whittle sticks for;

Cooking over fire;

Dampers, popcorn, toast






Issues to discuss could include health, diet & nutrition, personal hygiene including H&S, and physical activity.



Could broaden this to include global issues and diversity of foods and cooking styles.


Re-visit previous weeks

Discussion over ‘favourites’

Evaluation of ½ term



You choose activity; e.g. cooking, dens, guided exploration..




Team work, discussing ‘fairness’,







Re-visit ground rules


Circle time discussion around previous activities.


Re-explore dens, build team den.


Reintroduce small tools for whittling sticks




Re-visit previous weeks



Making a reed whistle, and other musical instruments, creating a band or presentation or storytelling..


Willow decorations, learning simple knot or lashing to make dream weaver, simple etc..




Re-visit previous weeks


Making maps, orienteering, treasure








Re-visit previous weeks



Plan, design or build personal projects;

Dens, decorations, creative play.





Re-visit previous weeks





Last day celebration!

Camp cooking

Presentation of Forest School Certificates






U:\Maria\Forest Schools\10 week programme.doc








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