6 Magical Sessions for Ks1-2

Magical themed sessions for KS 1&2 put together by Maria Desborough (Groundwork Derby & Derbyshire) on behalf of South Derbyshire District Council Environmental Education Project


Fairy Trail


Take the children on a walk of discovery; lead them on a trail with 2 or 3 activities to try along the way, try to make activities part of the walk.

e.g. fairy nectar  – while you are walking along encourage children to engage with their surroundings.  Take small pieces (about the size of 2p coin) from leaves, grass and place it in the fairy cup, when you have gathered sufficient, use a fairy stirrer to mix up the ‘potion’. Now try smelling each others, name your potion. Make a wish using its name. Earth music; while you continue on your walk suddenly you stop in awe at the beautiful music.  Get all to stop and listen, perhaps you could conduct the orchestra of birds!



Any small pot for a ‘fairy cup’ enough for one per child


Wizard Walk


Chose a stick from your walk to take as a magic wand

Decorate your wand using materials around you

In your group take turns to cast a spell e.g. We can all fly!, we are all turned into frogs!, etc..

Make a spell scroll, take a piece of string (you could use nettle, roots or bramble string) and thread your spells onto it.  Each spell is represented by a different leaf or other natural object.  Find out what spells the children have been making!


Garden string or twine, scissors



Rainbow Kingdom


Read or invent a Rainbow Story, you could get the children to help with their ideas of how the King and Queen might live in their Kingdom –

As the story develops, Rainbow Kingdom has a terrible calamity; their rainbow is destroyed in a terrible storm and their whole kingdom is reduced to black and white, there are no colours left.  The children must help the King and Queen to restore colour to the Rainbow Kingdom by collecting as many pieces of the rainbow that they can find.



Card with double sided sticky tape.

Ideas for story


Dragons Lair


Read or invent a story to describe how there came to be dragons in these woods.  There are loads of fairy tales and old folk tales about mysterious happenings in woods.  Encourage the children to look for signs of dragons; go dragon tracking..

Build a dragons den – perhaps your dragons were very small and discrete and that’s why no one is sure if they exist or not!


Building small dens is a good activity to carry out before the children build full, child sized dens.  It will get them to explore and try out the materials around them to create structures.



Ideas for a story


My Den


Once the children have built their own den, the next stage might be to decorate it.  How would you keep the wolves away? Keep the rain from coming in? Make the front really pretty? Etc..

You can make ‘picture frames’ with twigs and string to hang around your site or den, each time you look through, a different picture.  You could collect twigs and grasses; tie it with twine to make a dried flower decoration. 


You might want to make ‘gadgets’ with your group, say a small table or a simple bench.  If you don’t want to use tools, these can all be made with sticks that you find on the ground and the knowledge of a couple of knots, a reef knot and perhaps a clove hitch, just lash the sticks with string (gardening string is best as it rots away quickly and is made from natural fibres).



Garden string or twine


If you want to use them a bow saw could be useful


Whittle a Withy


Once your children are competent with tools your choices to make things are endless.  Even so many people enjoy just sitting and whittling a stick.  You might get children to personalise them in some way, make their own name sticks or to whittle a magic wand.  You might leave them in the wood if possible so that the children can find them again the next week.








It is very important to ensure that each child gets an opportunity to say something about their achievements every week.


Reviews can be very simple; 


A line with happy at one end and sad at the other.  Each child places themselves on the line according to how they feel about the session.


In the talking circle get the children to clap according to how much they have enjoyed the session. From 1 to 20 claps!


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