Barlborough Primary School Update

Barlborough Primary School Forest School 2014/15

Since our training last June we have embraced the Forest School Ethos. We successfully passed our practical assessments and have completed our pilot scheme. We are well on the way to completing our portfolios.

The children thoroughly enjoy their time in the woods and enjoy the challenges they face each session. We like showing them a new skill each week which is developed in the subsequent sessions. One pupil is a whizz at square lashing. She was delighted, when back in class; she had to make a Stone Age meat drier for a living museum. She tackled the problem with confidence and felt a sense of pride when she was congratulated by her class teacher for doing such a good job. We put these skills to good use as we harvested our willow and made it into stars to sell at the Christmas fair

We have worked with the Wildlife trust. With their help we have transformed our garden into a Forest School. We have planted more fruit trees, 2 holly bushes and a couple of Dogwoods as well digging a wildlife pond. We spent one session making bird feeders to encourage our feathered friends into our garden.                                                                               

We plan to deliver a Staff meeting to develop the staffs understanding of what a forest school is and how its run. We have several students who have asked to come and observe. Their response and feedback has been very positive. They find the change in the behaviour of children from classroom to forest is unbelievable. We have also agreed to a Lady from Creswell crags, who is at the start of her forest school journey, to come and shadow us.

Parents are invited to come and join us for the last session of a programme. We usually light a fire and get the children to share their favourite moments of the programme. We have a created a page on our school website and created displays around school so parents can see what their children are up to.

We have also had a visit from a reporter from Derbyshire Life who is writing a piece on Barlborough village.

All in all we are very busy and having lots of fun.


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