Ideas from Crich Carr Primary School’s Forest School Practitioner Angela Curran

A sample of the Forest Schools ideas from Crich Carr Primary School, Whatstandwell

(Thanks to Angela Curran for sharing these)

Ancient Egyptians

-Making paddle dolls from drift wood and elder beads.

-Making throwing sticks (an ancient Egyptian weapon) by sawing and whittling wood.

-Full size Egyptian collars from card and natural materials.

-An archeological dig ( the fact that we needed a hole for a pond helped!)

Other cultures

-Indian Kathakali masks from mud, seeds, flowers etc

-Islamic prayer mats made from natural materials, but following the designs of real prayer mats and orientated to Mecca.

-Indian ceremonial elephant decorated using wooden block printing.

-Dogon rock art from Africa using pastels and following the designs and colours of the traditional art.

-Reproducing masks of traditional Huli face painting from South America as part of the rainforest project.

-Making bows and arrows; producing a risk assessment and then firing the arrows. This gives an idea that our food shopping is easier than catching your own food and having to make the weapons to do so!

-Information posts of the North American Indians adapted to provide information for visitors about our school.

Year 6 transition.

-Mud faces to show emotions about moving on.

-Using American Indian ‘zodiac’ creatures to identify how we are when we are nurtured and looked after as well as how we are when we feel more alone. This is done using mud paintings.

-Journey sticks to think about the journey through primary school.

-Work on the poem ‘It couldn’t be done’ – produce two pictures from natural materials  to show something students have achieved which they thought would be impossible, and something which they dream of but know will be difficult to achieve. Message – never let anyone tell you that you can’t!


-Using inspiration from some of the American Indian thanksgiving prayers, we made up our own prayers of thanks for our natural world. Everyone whittled a section from two long pieces of wood. The prayers were written onto the wood which was then varnished and the two pieces fastened together as a cross. We have used this at Easter and in various displays in school and at church.


-Harry Potter – broomsticks, potions, spell books; pictures of Hagrid from natural materials, wands with magical cores and special powers.

-For Infants we have read Stickman and The Bear Hunt and been out to photograph different scenes from the stories using woodland settings, soft toys, the children and real weather!! The Bear Hunt had a few additions of our own. Next on the list is The Gruffalo.

The stories and pictures are made into a display and we then laminate them and make them into a book.

Geography/ Science

A whole term’s work linked in with Derbyshire Wildlife Trust’s Derwentwise Project.

-Making a representation of the course of the River Derwent outside using a slope, rope, string and laminated pictures to show the river, source, tributaries and important landmarks.

-Making  waterwheels and using them to lift a weight to show how  water can be used to power machinery as in the mills of the Derwent Valley.

-Plotting the streams in the village onto a map and looking at how they link up.

-Games to demonstrate the water cycle and the action of molecules in water, as a liquid, gas and solid. 

-Landscape – the children described the Derwent Valley landscape as seen from their house or from the school playground – we used these and photographs of the Derwent Valley in a special assembly.


-The infants went on a spider hunt, then made mud and stick spiders. After looking at pictures of spiders’ webs and learning some interesting facts about them, they made their own webs from string.


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