I saw the kalevala being performed at Derby folk festival. It is Finnish runo-song storytelling. Tolkein based  some of his stories and characters from the Lord of the Rings on it.

To use it in Forest School we used drums and tambourines etc for the music and I wrote the story for our students, printed and laminated the story with each section being numbered for the students to find. When the students found a woodland animal (puppet) they had to make a magic “spell” by finding (foraging) for the letters  and assembling them in the correct order according to the magic spell book. This magic enabled them to talk to the creature to find out information for the quest, but not until they had performed a task to help the creature.

The story included a fairy, an elf, a guardian owl, an enchanted girlfiend (she was a fox)  a cloak of invisibility, a bridge that had to be built and a baby dragon that needed to be returned to its parents. The document below is what I handed in to our head to give her an idea of what I was getting up to with the students. It was an amazing success.

Maria Fletcher – St Andrews School, Derby

Kalevela, The Saga in the Forest




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