Succeed with teaching knots

At the 2013 Derbyshire Forest School day we ran a workshop called ‘knot it, tie it, lash it’.  Participants on the workshop said it was a useful knots practice and refresher for them but that they also picked up some useful hints and tips to be able to share and teach the knots to young people on their Forest School programmes.  It was suggested we might share some of the techniques on this blog site. 

The first video below shares some simple hints and tips and the following five videos demonstrate knots (clove hitch, square lashing, tripod lashing, timber hitch and quick release tension knot) and suggest some uses for these knots.  We hope you find these useful, if there are any more knots you’d like to see let us know and please feel free to send us your own videos for us to share.

1 Succeed with teaching knots

2 Clove Hitch

3 Square lashing

4 Tripod lashing

5 Timber Hitch

6 Quick release tension knot


6 responses

17 09 2013
David Green

Wonderful short films taking the mystery out of knot making.
Sent this link to all staff supporting me on our Forest School sessions at all our other nurseries. They’ll be a real help.
Thank You

David Green
Alphabet House
Long Eaton

18 09 2013

Hello David, thank you for taking the time to send feedback it is appreciated and it’s great to hear the videos are useful/being used.

20 04 2014
Mandy Lamb

Thank you for making these films, they are a brilliant resource to refer back to time and again.

6 10 2015
Jacqueline Gazzard

This is FANTASTIC – great, simple tutorials that work… thanks!

23 02 2016

Really useful, clear descriptions of how to teach basic knots. Thank you.

25 01 2017

Thank you, really useful

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