Programme Evaluation

Monitoring, recording, evaluating and sharing the impact of the learning experienced is an important part of your Forest School programme.

For general guidance on how to do this for each session, programme and your Forest School provision please view the Forest School Quality Improvement Framework (see page under this one on menu down right hand side) and also the more specific examples below.

Example 1

KS2 Pupil and staff evaluation form Pupil and staff evaluation form – Class 2

The form above was designed to measure the perceived outcomes and development against what school staff and the FS practitioner had set as aims and objectives pf the programme. Some of the pupils ‘talked through’ the questionnaire with an adult and filled it in together if they found the form daunting and the group also did some ‘circle time’ discussion  too with some writing letters, drawing pictures etc. of their experiences and reflections instead.   ‘ Happy moment’ image below was a reflection exercise and ‘wish’ assisted the staff in planning future activities.  

Class 2 Evaluation - Happy Moment


Example 2

An Evaluation of a Forest School Project-Pentre Forest School published by Forestry Commission Wales contains a number of evaluation forms in the appendices (which might provide some ideas for evaluating your own specific programmes) using techniques developed by Forest Research within the ‘Evaluation of Forest School: Phase 2 – England’ 

If you are willing to share your ideas for programme evaluation particularly gathering information from parents please do either comment below or email

Other info

Good from Woods  – ‘How do activities in woodland contribute to people and communities feeling good?’ 



Good from Woods is a lottery funded research project, led by The Silvanus Trust and The University of Plymouth, in partnership with the Neroche Scheme, The Woodland Trust and Forest Research. It started in April 2010 and will run until December 2014. You may find links and information within this project to help evaluate your own Forest based project.



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