Sites available for FS use

Finding a site

Derbyshire County Council Countryside Sites – Find your nearest site using the map function.

Visitwoods –  Click on the link to use the Woodland Trust’s  woodland search tool by entering your postcode.

If you are struggling to find a site to base your Forest School please get in touch

Sites available for Forest School use

There are many different sites being used as a base for Forest School use across Derbyshire. Occasionally we are contacted by land owners who would be happy for schools to make use of their sites, see below for information.

Britton Wood near clay Cross. Visit for more information.

Hazelwood near Belper is a privately owned woodland (charges apply) with many different areas within the site. There is an outdoor yurt like building with a fire place for visits in the winter plus toilets.


Waingroves Community Woodland is owned and managed by the local community. It is a large, varied area of woodland with a well documented mining heritage. The community owners are currently undertaking a range of woodland management tasks they would be happy for schools to be involved in.


The areas of woodland above are owned by people who support Forest Schools/Outdoor Learning and have kindly invited local schools to visit their woodlands. For more information about these woodlands please email


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